We’re excited to announce some new powerful shipping features!

It’s simple. Offering the right shipping rates can help you convert more visitors into customers. A study has recently demonstrated that shipping and charges are the key factors driving shopping cart abandonments during the customer decision journey.

Serious Shipping for Serious selling.

Depending on your business strategy, add various custom shipping rates for your physical items at a global or unique product level and choose from our following shipping methods:

  • Totally Free: This method is a popular way to get your prospect’s attention.
  • Flat Rate: Get a single rate for your items.
  • Pick Up From Store: This shipping option allows your customers to easily pick up items at a store near their home or work.
  • Based On Cart Total Price: Calculate your shipping rate based on the total price in your customer’s shopping cart.
  • Based On Category: Calculate your shipping rate based on category.
  • Based On Cart Weight: Calculate your shipping rate based on the cumulative weight of the items being shipped.


What different options do we give you?

PushCommerce allows you to:

  • Set global rates, for any country or region or unlimited special delivery options, like Royal Mail or UPS.
  • Enable specific country or region (within a country) shipping.
  • Offer totally free shipping.
  • Override the global settings as the product level, giving you full control for that specific item.