We have selected some inspiring bite-sized lessons under 5 mins for you to feed your mind with on your way to work.

8 secrets of success 

Analyst Richard St. John condenses 7 years of interviews to answer the question “what really leads to success?” into a 3-minute slideshow.

How to make a splash in social media

A funny 4-minute story on becoming a hit in social media by Alexis Ohanian of Reddit.

Got a meeting? Talk a Walk

Business innovator Nilofer Merchant suggests that we should get off our butts next time we have a one-on-one meeting to make it into a “walking meeting”.

404 page, the story of a page not found

A charming talk where Renny Gleeson explains that every error can be perceived as an opportunity for brands to build better relationships with their customers through a slideshow of creative and funny 404 pages.

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