Although the Internet has deeply transformed the music industry, it has never been easier for you to gain online visibility and take control over all of the digital commercial aspects of your music. A study has shown that digital revenues now account for 50% of the total UK record industry income.

Our solution gives you the opportunity to enhance your brand and your music career by making more money (selling direct to your fans and cutting out the middle man), being more independent and elevating your customers experience.

Here are the top 12 reasons for musicians and bands to distribute their music via PushCommerce.

  1. Direct Accessibility: Your fans will be able to instantly stream, buy and download your music from any kind of device, wherever they are.
  1. Build and grow your community: It’s easier to build a direct relationship with your fans via PushCommerce. Get closer to your community by saving the email addresses of those who are buying from you and add them to your mailing list!
  1. Save money: Sell your music and merchandise directly from your own website (not some third party) helps you get control over your pricing and revenue. Plus, we don’t take a cut of your sales. Nice!
  1. Upgrade your customers experience: We give you the freedom to sell whatever you want – whether it’s a standard digital and physical product like merchandise or a “Meet & Greet” package – to elevate your audience’s experience.
  1. Feature rich: Serious sales require serious features and PushCommerce has professional eCommerce tools ready to rock.
  1. Choose your payments options: Sell your products for a fixed price, let your customers name their own price or offer pre-orders. Share digital downloads for Likes, Tweets, Emails or just give them away!
  1. Keep track: Manage your orders, customers and revenue. Add Google Analytics for extra insights.
  1. Awesome audio processing: We take your lossless files and transform them into perfect hi-res mp3s, with lots of lovely meta data for your fans! You can also offer them the lossless file version, as an option, for those extra geeky customers.
  1. Secure 60 second previews: Tempt your fans into buying your full opus with a 60 second “sample” of your audio.
  1. Private/Password protected streaming: If you need to make your digital product private and away from public consumption, you can set a password and only allow a privileged few through the gates.
  1. Pre-orders: Accept pre-orders for a product before it’s ready to be released. Simply specify a release date and we’ll notify your customers to grab their downloads.
  1. Offer bonus items: Add PDF booklets, movies or anything else you’d like to give away with your digital release.