A serious antique-hunter requires an antique dealer with a serious online shop. There are legions of collectors looking for their perfect piece, out there on the web. It can be hard for your customers to directly recognise the quality or personality of your products among your competitors. We at PushCommerce, can help these potential customers find their way to your online shop to show the true quality and value of your products.

Here is a detailed list of how we can help you make a splash with your online shop. 

  1. Connect with all types of customers across the world: Expand your network of antique lovers worldwide by reaching out to them through your shop for a more personalised and direct purchase.
  1. Show the high quality of your products: Upload an unlimited amount of high quality product images to enlighten the authenticity and quality of your products online, while standing out from your competitors.
  1. Build a story behind each product: Provide extensive details about the story behind each piece you sell. The more detail you add, the more interest there will be from the customer, so get writing!
  1. Build your brand: Customise your online shop with our free wide range of themes and easy to use drag-&-drop interface, to reflect the personality of your brand and business.
  1. Choose your methods of payment: Payment flexibility is key for customers so offer them a full choice including; Credit/Debit cards, use your existing gateway (eg: sagepay) or PushCommercePay. Accept cash (COD), cheques and money orders or get paid instantly with PayPal.
  1. Advanced shipping made simple: Offer customers various options from fixed prices to flat fees, select the perfect shipping option that suits your business needs.
  1. Track inventory: Good inventory management is essential to the success of your business. The PushCommerce inventory management system lets you manage your orders, customers and products by category, quickly and easily.
  1. Why pay more? The PushCommerce platform is hugely cost effective for small to medium businesses. All our features are included from day one and fees are fair and based on how much you sell, not what features you want to use.