Did you know? In 2014, 56% of books in the UK were bought online compared to 48% in 2012, according to The Booksellers Association. As the industry is now developing its business with the Internet, owning your online shop should be seen as an advantage to cut down on your costs and multiply your online sales. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the train.

  1. Simple & Accessible: You only need a computer with access to the Internet. And no book shop is too small for trading online with any book lovers whether you sell 1 or 1,000 products.
  1. Save money: It’s affordable and all of our professional ecommerce features are included. Easy.
  1. Better design: Haven’t you found it hard to stand out from the crowd online? Most of the online stores look the same which makes it harder for your customers to recognize your brand among your competitors. With PushCommerce you can choose a design that suits your products. Plus, no adverts. Your business will surely look professional.
  1. Sell your eBooks: Give the opportunity to your customers to download your products which will save you costs for transport, package and printing.
  1. Improve your customer’s experience: You can publish the titles in stock and give access to sources of information about your books, availabilities, prices and how they can be ordered via PushCommerce to prevent disappointed customers.
  1. Smooth your inventory process: Our system saves you lots of money, prevents errors and speeds up the entire management process.