Earlier this spring Instagram shifted the way posts show up in your feed, using a new algorithm that bases delivery on relevance. It means posts no longer appear in reverse-chronological ordering but rather based on Instagram’s own formula.

  • Now, how does the Instagram algorithm work?

It’s not actually as complex as you might think.

The algorithm is based on moments Instagram believes you will care about the most which means you will probably see photos from your best friends showing up at the top of your feed. Photos from companies you only occasionally engage with might be harder to find.

  • Ok, but what does this practically mean for you as a small business?

While customers will tend to see more photos of their friends at the top of their feed, your posts might be harder for your customers to see if they only occasionally engage with you. In contrast, if your customers engage with your brand on a regular basis, your content will be more likely to show up at the top of their feed. You see, easy.

  • So, how do you beat the new Instagram algorithm? 

As the algorithm is based on relevance, it means that creating high-quality content is more important than ever. If people see content that’s relevant to them, they’ll engage with it. With the shift, people might also engage more with the content they like in order to see more of it. Here are some cheap and simple ideas of things your business can do to upgrade their Instagram game: behind-the-scene photos, re-grams of users-generated content, video posts or customer stories.

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