Your fan base is one of your greatest assets, so let’s be honest, your success depends on them. We have listed some top reasons why you’ll engage online with your fans with PushCommerce, below.

  • Launch a fully featured shop or just add a great looking product widget to your existing site.

The choice is all yours. You can easily create and customise your online shop within seconds or simply add a shop widget to your existing site with a few lines of code so your customers purchase without leaving your site.

  • An artist is someone whose style is always evolving, and so can your shop.

Want to change the design of your web shop to support your latest release? Want to build your homepage with a very specific look in mind? An artist’s style is constantly evolving, and that’s one reason why we’ve made editing your shopfront so easy. Choose from over 80 google web fonts, a selection of themes you can edit via the drag and drop interface and a user-friendly experience that gives you the ability to quickly change all aspects of your shop.

  • Show your music universe to your fans and learn about them too.

Learning about your fans can help you turn them into devotees that come to more of your shows and buying more music and merch from you. Add your bio, discog and even include your latest gigs.

  • Use a custom shop domain to help drive sales.

Using a subdomain ( not only makes you look more professional but allows fans an easy route into your shop. If you have a dedicated domain name it also makes Google your friend too and can help those sales!

  • Secure 60-second bonus previews to give a taste of your new tracks to your fans.

Our embedded audio player is a great way to showcase your tunes to your audience. Tempt your fans with a 60-second “sample” of your audio direct on your shop. It also secures your tracks from those who would prefer to stream and not pay for your hard work!

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