We’ve built PushCommerce to make selling your tunes and merch online super simple. No need to hire a web designer, we created a smart solution for musicians to easily and quickly rock a fully featured online shop.

We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons why you’ll sell more online with PushCommerce.

  • Keep a bigger piece of the pie.

Your PushCommerce shop will give you the power to sell directly to your fans to keep a bigger piece of the pie. No more giving 15% of your takings away to other platforms. Money from your sales will go directly into your pocket. Excellent.

  • Serious audio processing.

We treat your audio files seriously. We take the original files you upload and process them, add metadata generate a hi-res MP3 to make them as professional sounding as possible to maximise your sales. Your customers get a great sounding product, and in return, you’ll get more happy customers.

  • Track your performance.

We offer robust but concise metrics. Get basic details on your tunes plays and track your performance to see what product performs the best on your shop. You can also add Google Analytics, so you can geek out with some seriously in-depth data action.

  • Bundle digital products with physical ones.

Want to give away a copy of that #1 Album when you sell a T-Shirt? No problem. The PushCommerce platform gives you great control to bundle bonus items or extra products.

  • Give your fans the possibility to pre-order your products.

Assure your music sales ahead of the launch of your new tunes. Give your fans the option to pre-order for a fixed price or let them choose a price. In short, maximise your profitability.

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