A break in the experience from cart to checkout can lead to shopping cart abandonment (when online shoppers put items in their baskets, but then leave before completing the purchase).  This disconnect for the customer, who has already spent time and effort selecting their product from your awesome range, is ‘the bane of the online retail industry’ and can kill conversions & revenue.

We’ve listed some reasons why our checkout has been specifically built to help your customers navigate through one of the most common problems in eCommerce.

A good checkout needs to be barrier-free, quick and simple for the customer. Shopping experiences can be emotional and if you clearly encourage visitors to add a product to their cart, you don’t want to lose them even before they’ve really got started down the payment process.

We’ve designed ours with all these factors in mind, so your customers get a seamless and easy to use experience at every turn.

1: No ‘Sign in’ barriers. 

We don’t force customers to register if they don’t want to. We recognise a returning customer if they’ve ordered before and we keep them signed in, for speed and ease.

We also offer a way for other shoppers to simply choose how to continue into the checkout (register or fast guest). This doesn’t interrupt the shopping process in any way and asks less of your customers, helping lower that abandonment rate!

2: The progress indicator

To successfully process orders and to grown your database, asking customers for their information can’t be avoided. Data such as name, billing & shipping address, payment details etc.. is essential and this means that a checkout can have multiple steps as the info is collected.

To help your customers through this, they will want to know how many steps it will take to get to the finish line. This is why we have included a very clear indication of what steps there are, where they are in the process and how they are doing (with nice big green checkboxes).





3: Unexpected surprise costs

Nobody likes cost related surprises when trying to purchase. To help you minimise related cart abandonment, we’ve made sure your delivery costs and taxes are crystal clear and auto-updated at checkout as the customer steps through the process.


4: Lack of payment options

Up to a huge 50% of online shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if their favourite payment method isn’t available.

With PushCommerce, you can offer a whole selection of online payment types including all types of credit and debit cards, PayPal or traditional ways to pay offline with cash on delivery/collection, bank transfer, money order or cheque.



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