Auto-forwarding Carousels, Image sliders, Accordions etc.. annoy users, reduce visibility and lower conversion rates.

They are a popular design feature used on many websites and even though widely used, it’s not considered a sensible thing to utilise as they are deemed to be a conversion killer by eComm experts. That’s why you won’t find any within our themes, by default.

We do offer image sliders that let your visitors manually forward content, just not automatic ones!

Auto Rotating sliders negatively impact user experience.

Th human eye reacts to movement and will miss the important stuff you are trying to push/convert.
Auto sliders are poor way of presenting home page content, as too many messages = no message at all.

When placed on a home page (usually they are the first thing on the page) they will either get completely ignored by visitors (unconsciously identified as an advertisement by the brain) or the ones who might be receptive to your content won’t have enough time to thoroughly read due to the slider’s automatic movement and get super annoyed!

Auto Rotating sliders can slow down your shop.

These things have an adverse impact on your site speed for one good reason – loading time.
They often consist of heavy elements have to be loaded into the backend of your site before the visitor can do anything else. Consequently, it decreases the speed of your website and because your visitors won’t wait more than 3 seconds for your website to load, you might miss out on lots of conversion opportunities.

So, drop the auto images and ignore the fad 🙂


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