Just because the items you sell may look old, there is no reason why your website should be stuck in the past!

To run a profitable online business you need an effective and professional online shop. If your store doesn’t have; multiple payment options, advanced product search and extensive shipping options,  you’ll simply get left behind in the world of online shopping and customers will go elsewhere.

The PushCommerce platform is a great solution for selling medals and militaria online, via your own professionally branded shop.

It’s perfect if you’re looking for a simpler and cheaper alternative to hiring an agency or web designer to build or upgrade your online shop as so many shopping carts are difficult to set up or impossible to use without a high level of technical knowledge. Our platform is so easy that you can do it yourself, no headaches or time lost. But if you’re too busy to even attempt it, we can do all the design work for you!

We’ve compiled here some top reasons why you’ll sell more military antiques online, using our platform.

1.  Offer multiple offline and online payment options to boost your sales.
Give your customers multiple payment methods to choose from. From Cash On Delivery (or Collection), Cheque and Postal Orders for those old school ones who like to keep it simple, to PayPal (Express and Standard), Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit Cards for collectors who might prefer to pay online securely.

2. Accept Credit Cards securely with ‘Address Verification’.
If you accept Credit/Debit Cards with PushCommerce, we offer an advanced “Address Verification System” which will add a layer of security to your payments by only authenticating transactions that match both the customers’ Card post code and the shipping address postcode.

3.  Shipping made super easy.
Offer multiple shipping options to your customers – from Pick Up From Store for those local folks who like to pop by your shop to more international and customisable shipping options for your global customers including Free Shipping, Flat Rate, and Shipping Based On Cart Price, Category or Weight.

4.  Super easy to use inventory system.
Easily manage all aspects of your online shop. From your orders, customers, stock, payments and shipping via our easy-to-use interface from any devices (laptop, phone or tablet).

5.  Simple pricing, based on how much you sell!
PushCommerce is less than ½ the price of some shopping cart platforms. We don’t charge for expensive “bolt on” apps. There are no hidden fees, no monthly hosting or transaction fees either, everything is included! Good, right?

6.  Add unlimited product images and descriptions.
You can add unlimited product images and descriptions to each of your products to help perfectly reflect the quality and story behind each of your items.

7.  Powerful product search functionality.
Customers can get results as they type, which can maximise their experience by reducing the time needed to go from a blank search box to results. It’s lightning fast and will help improve your customers’ progress to purchase! 

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