Launching an eCommerce business might sound difficult, but it’s in no way as hard as you might think.
Setting up your new shop with PushCommerce is super simple and super fast. It’ll have all the features you need to effectively sell your products and requires a minimum amount of money to be spent upfront.

Here are a few basic things to look out for when starting your own online shop.

Product, Name & Market

When it comes to launching a new business, it’s important to start by defining exactly what type of products you’re going to sell (if you don’t already have an idea).
The next logical step would be to secure a relevant and great sounding company name and domain (more on that below).

After this, you should be looking to pinpoint what makes you different from the rest of the competition. So, asking yourself “Why would customers buy from me rather than from one of my competitors?” should be one of the primary questions to address.

In general, analysing what your competitors do can be hugely beneficial. It’ll help you to understand the online market you’re about to launch into and where you can make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

Domain Name

  • Finding your domain name

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a name for your business. It can be pretty tough!

But first, what’s a domain name?

A domain name is the address that locates an organisation or other entity on the Internet.  A domain name is unique to your website and can be considered as your online identity. More detail on what a domain is can be found here.

  • How is a domain organised?

A domain name is structured from left to right and composed of 2 parts separated by dots;


– The subdomain – “shop” – is located on the left-hand side of the domain name
– The top-level domain – “” – is positioned on the right-hand side

A good domain name has the power to make a significant impact, from click-through rate to social media results. So, when choosing your domain, the objective is to pick a name that will resonate in people’s minds.

If you want to keep it simple and spend no money on it, then it’s fine. We can provide you with a “.pushcommerce” domain name for free whatever the subscription plans you’re on! Just add your shop name in your account settings, and we’ll do the rest for you!

Alternatively, if you prefer to opt for a name with a classic or new top level domain like “.com”, “.net”, “.me”, then please register with an external provider, like these guys. Most domain providers work on a monthly or yearly fee, and costs can vary.

Web Hosting

  • What’s web hosting?

Think about all the files and folders stored on your laptop. Website pages are just like your files or folders, but on a server in the ‘cloud’.
These files need space too to be stored into, so they can be seen online instantly.
The difference here is that your website has to be hosted on a thing called a “web server”. Usually, when setting up a website you would have got a web designer or company to provide you with some web hosting which can be technically painful and sometimes expensive.

Fortunately with PushCommerce, all your web hosting is included. When signing up with us, your website is automatically hosted on our secure and powerful web servers. So, no need to spend precious time or money looking elsewhere for a solution.


PushCommerce automatically provides your shop with a secure checkout with an SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) for free.
It’s the green HTTPS bit in your browser bar, shown below.


All financial transactions or sensitive data sending is made over the secure HTTPS connections. Plus, PushCommerce is PCI compliant.

TOP TIP! Make sure your password is hard to guess to keep your online shop safe. A strong password is one with a minimum of 10 characters in length and includes numbers and symbols.


Minimal clicks mean maximum sales. So, keep the design of your shop nice and clear.
Whenever you can, aim for as few clicks as possible to get to products, categories and before the actual payment process.
Also, using a single-page checkout simplifies navigation for your shoppers by organising everything in one single place (shipping, billing, discount code, etc.). This is why PushCommerce has a checkout specifically designed for optimum checkout success!

It should give shoppers fewer reasons to hit the back button.

TOP TIP! If you need help setting up or designing your PushCommerce shop, we can do it for you. Our expert in-house design team can design and build your perfect shop. Check out our design services and feel free to pop us an email!

Payment Options

Selecting the right payment options for your customers can seriously help grow your online business. In general, conversion rates and customer loyalty tend to increase when customers are given the choice of several payment options. That’s why we offer various online and offline payment options from within your PushCommerce account like Credit/Debit cards, PayPal (Standard & Express), Cash On Delivery, Cheque/Money Order and Bank Transfer.

Keyword Relevance

Having a beautiful website is great, but it might be useless unless you find relevant keywords that get picked by Google, Bing or Yahoo.

But first, have you ever heard of SEO before? SEO, which stands for “Search Engine Optimisation,” consists of designing a website in a specific way to rank high in organic search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

One of the easiest SEO tactics is to use relevant keywords in your shop title and description. Its value is to help Google, Bing and Yahoo understand better what your business is about and what products are sold in your shop. Here, the goal is to rank high in Google’s search page results (or Bing, Yahoo) to see organic traffic flowing into your online shop.

TOP TIP! Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner are great (and absolutely free!) keyword research tools from Google that should make your keyword research much easier.

Also, don’t hesitate to exchange links with other websites or consider an online partnership with other businesses to help you be more visible online.


  • Focus On Product Description

When adding products, think what make them unique from your competitors. Provenance? Quality? Originality? Name? Whatever your asset is, it should be clearly highlighted in their descriptions.

  • Speed Your Customers’ Purchasing Process
  1. Categorise your products precisely. You should allow users to browse your products by category (price, type of goods, season, new arrivals, discounts). Ensuring your products are correctly categorised will help shoppers directly find what they are looking for.
  1. Product search functionality. With PushCommerce, customers can get product search results as they type. It will maximise your customers experience by reducing their search time, so will speed up their progress to purchase.
  1. Showcase “Featured Products” in shopfront. Two of the most popular products to feature on your shopfront are in general “Bestsellers” and “New Arrivals.” On the one hand, you need to boost your sales so you might want to play safe by showcasing your popular products. On the other hand, you should also keep returning customer’s interest with new exciting items.
  1. Tag your products. Tagging your products will give shoppers a simple way to search for related items.


Starting an online shop means that shipping has to be set up too.
Ensuring your shipping service is quick and reliable will be one of your major challenges. Customers don’t like waiting too long for their items to be delivered.
We calculate your shipping costs based on which options to set up. As every business model is different, we offer a broad range of shipping options to fit every kind of businesses including free shipping, flat rate, shipping charge based on cart price, category/cart weight, same day delivery and “pick up/ collect for free.”


Social Media

Get to know your customers! Start a Facebook page, open a Twitter or Instagram account and integrate your social media channels into your online shop. Allow them to connect with your brand on social media. Get personal with them, answer any questions they might have…
PushCommerce allows you to easily and quickly add a shop to your Facebook business page. Perfect for attracting sales from your followers/Friends/Fans!


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