It’s all about first impressions. As with a physical shopfront, generating a positive impression from your online shopfront is vital. It’s the first thing customers will see when visiting your site.

Don’t worry too much if you’re not familiar with designing or branding; we’ve got you covered. We put together this super-easy guide to creating great online shop banner images which don’t require any design expertise!

Firstly, what is a banner image?

A banner image – or hero image – is a large image or series of images that are displayed on top of your sites’ homepage or any other pages like on a “About” page. All of the PushCommerce themes have banners that are easy to add so you can easily create your shop ‘Look & Feel’.

Why should I put so much effort into creating a banner”, you wonder?

Don’t worry… it’s not time consuming! Here are 3 other (great) reasons below.

  • It gives your online shop a touch of uniqueness. How many online flower shops look the same out there on the web? Customers browse similar websites repetitively on a daily basis… What a boring thing, right? But hey, that’s only good news for you! Your banner is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.
  • It’s a great communication tool. Your shopfront will always be the best place to get your message out to customers. It’s like a visual story that can pass on your message (business story, announcement, etc.) in a very clear and straightforward manner. It can even answer simple questions about things like shipping or last order dates.
  • Feature your best products! It also gives you an opportunity to showcase your bestsellers or seasonal products right away on your front page.

How do you create stunning shop banners?

Now, let’s walk you through our best practices! Although there are no strict guidelines concerning what turns an image into a great banner, we’ve compiled our best practices below.

  • Choosing the right image – and by “right image”, we mean something that visually represents your brand. Ideally, users should be able to recognise your online flower shop only by its branding. And it won’t even cost you a fortune to create a banner that looks great. Yes, there are plenty of free stock images out there available on the web. Bear with us, we’ve listed the top ones in the following section, alongside a glossary of their legal terms of use.
  • Look & Feel. Not only do you need a stunning image or effective wording, but you will also have to work on font style. If you already have your font and a particular colour palette, great stuff! If not, don’t worry – we have more than 80 Web Google fonts and different colours available for free.
  • Message & Call-to-action. Don’t forget to use simple but effective wording to get your message/call-to-action out.

Glossary, image and editing resources

First, let’s clarify the different legal terms surrounding web images before browsing the internet for the perfect banner!

  • Images under CCO license. Some images found on the web will be licensed under CC0 license – which stands for Creative Commons Zero. Let’s say it’s a zone where copyright owners generously give their work away for free. Thus, any work under CC0 license is absolutely free for personal and commercial use, and can even be modified/copied. Plus, no attribution is required with the license. Therefore, they can be distributed without asking for permission or setting a link direct to the source. To learn more about Creative Commons, click here. You can find images under CCO license for free on Pexels.
  • The public domain and copyright-free images. Copyright is a form of intellectual property which gives the creator exclusive rights to his work for a certain time. When the allocated period has passed, the work is said to enter the “public domain” which refers to original materials that are no longer protected by intellectual laws. In short, as the public owns the images, everyone is free to use a public domain work without permission. In the same way that no one can ever own the work. Here is a list of websites with a stock of images that fall under the public domain.
  • Royalty-free images. It generally means that you’ll have to pay a one-time fee for using the right to use an image (depending upon terms). Once you’ve paid for the license, you’re free to use it continuously without having to pay for additional royalty charges. Here are some sites with a stock of royalty-free images: PhotocasePhotospin, Shutterstock and Fotolia.

How to put together a banner with PushCommerce editor?

With our editor, you will be able to add your message or stickers directly to your image. In addition to cropping, enlightening, darkening or resizing as you wish to create the perfect image banner.


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