The images of your stock should look as beautiful as your flowers!

Having good quality product images inside your online shop is key as these images will be the first thing your customers will look at when browsing. If your images are not up to standard, you’ll lose sales…it’s as simple as that.

One thing to keep in mind is that your images should all look consistent, not too large or mismatched. For instance, if you start with landscape product images on your online shop, you should stick to this orientation and not mix it with portrait images.

We put together a quick guide on how to present your images and where to source good quality options.

Stock Photography

Choosing your images from a stock photography website is a great way to quickly get professional images at a low cost for your online shop. There are plenty of websites out there on the web like iStock or Shutterstock where you can find large collections of great flowers images. Although this is a good option if you don’t have that much time, bear in mind that those images are very generic and used by a lot of other florists.

Taking Your Own Images

Taking your own product images can take time but it will give you much more creative freedom than using stock photography websites and give your online shop a unique “look & feel” that can make you stand out from the crowd.

When planning your photoshoot, keep in mind that good lighting is key. Don’t hesitate to take as many shots of your products as possible with different angles. Before spending money on a photographer, you should check out our how to take great photos guide on how to use your own smartphone to take some great shots yourself.


Whether you decide to get your images from a website or decide to take them yourself, you can quickly edit the selected images directly via the PushCommerce editor. You can easily modify, crop, contrast lighten darken or straighten them. To learn more about editing with PushCommerce, it’s here!


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