Ecommerce website marketing can be tricky… That’s why we put together a list of easy ways of marketing your online shop to get customers to purchase your flowers.

Offer Coupon Discounts

Sometimes it’s better not to decrease your prices and instead offer coupon codes to your customers. It can be an effective way to attract customers without having to pass for a “cheap brand”.

And, everyone loves saving money, right? So do your customers! In general, offering discount codes work pretty well with new and returning customers. Plus, it helps increase your revenue! Nice, right?

You can either offer a percentage based discount; for instance, offering 10% off on roses. Alternatively, you can also offer a fixed value based discount code. For example, offering £10 to use on a certain category of flower arrangement.

Give Something For Free

What customers love even more than getting great discounts is… getting free stuff!

For example, it can be offering free shipping. It’s very popular with shoppers and can help boost your average order value. If you opt for free shipping, you might want to include a minimum purchase order. It’s quite common for customers to add additional items to their carts to qualify for free shipping.

Another approach is to offer free shipping within a certain timeframe (E.g, Free shipping offered throughout April.)

There are also different ways to give something for free to your customers; like giving free roses to the first 10 customers who email or mention/DM you on social media. These are great tactics for engaging  your customers too!

Facebook Shop

Everyone is on Facebook! With Facebook’s 32 million+ active UK users every month, it’s time to add your online shop to your Facebook page to increase sales. And, it’s easy to do! Check out our guide on how to add a shop to Facebook in just a few simple steps.


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