If used in the right way, coupon codes can be a powerful tool to increase your online flower sales.

A coupon code can come in the form of a percentage; for example, let’s say offering 10% off on certain flower bouquets. Your discount can also come in the form of a specific fixed value; such as a £20 discount code to spend on red roses, for instance.

TOP TIP! You can also offer free shipping with your discount code… It’s very popular with shoppers! It’s a great way to attract even more potential customers… This strategy will give shoppers another great reason to buy your amazing flowers!

Types Of Discount Codes

Below are 3 different types of discount codes you can create.

  • Public Codes: You can create codes that can be used by all of your customers. Offering public codes is great to attract new customers or invite your loyal ones to come back for even more great stuff!
  • Private Codes: This type of code is normally given to a specific audience such as loyal customers to reward them for their loyalty, or can be used as encouragement for your “first-time customers” to come back.
  • Restricted Codes: A restricted code can only be used once by a single user. You might want to send it to thanks your loyal customers or use it as an apology for late delivery.

How To Use Discount Codes

Now, let’s see all the different ways you can use coupon codes to make your customers happy and increase your revenue.

  • A Weekly or Monthly Offer. Offering a coupon code during a specific timeframe –  let’s say creating a coupon code for a week or a month – is a great tactic to reach your objectives…
  • A Holiday or Season Offer. Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day are great occasions too for florists to offer discounts and drive those sales online!
  • An Abandon Cart Offer. Sending offers to shoppers who have abandoned some products in their shopping carts can be a great way to drive them back to your online shop and encourage them to hit the “Buy” button.
  • A “First Time Shopper” Offer. Sending discount coupons to first-time shoppers is also a good tactic to convert them into paying customers.
  • A Customer Loyalty Offer. Rewarding your loyal customers with some coupon codes can help you build a deeper relationship with them!

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