The appearance of your online shop is key to your success… Strong design means strong sales. Most of the time pages are too busy, popups and slideshows are used, graphics are terrible, and colours are conflicting. So, we’ve listed six simple ways to make your online shop look more professional to boost sales!

  • Keep it simple; use a neutral background. When choosing your background colour, try to keep it simple. Using a neutral background (black, white or grey) will highlight your products. You might miss out on lots of conversion opportunities using a background with complex patterns…
  • Your fonts should be consistent. Your fonts should be all consistent and large enough to be easily readable.
  • Try not to use stock photos. Stock photos are very generic and probably used by many florists. If you want to create a strong brand identity, then you should consider using your own images.
  • Mobile friendly website. Your website must be responsive if you want to attract more customers. Also, being mobile friendly will make you rank well on Google.
  • Contact information. Don’t forget to add your email address and phone number on your homepage to make it easy for your customers to reach out to you. You should also create a “Contact Us” page on your online shop with your email address, your location and any other useful information.
  • Don’t use rotating images (slideshows) on your homepage. Auto-forwarding carousels are used on many websites but are deemed to be a conversion killer by eComm experts… As the human eye reacts to movement, people generally miss the important stuff you are trying to push. For more about rotating images, click here!

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