Improving your SEO can be a daunting task… That’s why we put together a list of 4 easy ways to boost your SEO to get more organic traffic to your online shop.

Shop Title

Using relevant keywords in your title to capture the essence of your business is key to rank well on search engines. You need to put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes to spot what kind of keywords they might be more likely to use. Many free keyword tools are available out there on the internet to help you with your research such as Google Trend or Google Keywords.

Shop Description

Your description is as important as your title… Again, choosing relevant keywords to further describe your shop will help search engines better understand your business.

Linking Strategies

Once you’ve got your title and description all sorted, you should start thinking about your linking strategy.  There are a few strategies you can quickly implement yourself;

  • Internal Linking. For instance, if your “About Us” page contains the word “Delivery”, don’t hesitate to link the name to your “Delivery & Shipping” page.
  • Backlinking. It might sound pretty complex, but it’s actually very simple… Backlinking refers to when another website links to your online shop. For instance, you might want your online flower shop to be listed on wedding sites.

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