Your product description is a key factor that is going to help your customers decide whether they prefer to check out or abandon their cart.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you write product descriptions that sell.

  1. Focus On Your Target Audience

First, you need to know who is your target audience. Once you’ve targeted your audience, you’ll need to understand the key considerations of your audience to make them relate to your descriptions.

  1. Use Words That Spark Imagination

Using in your product descriptions words that create mental images can help fire the imagination of your customers. Think what’s the first emotion that you want them to feel about your product. It’s going to help you find the right words to include in your description.

  1. Benefits

Potential buyers are interested in the benefits of your products so consider highlighting the benefits of each of your features in your descriptions. For instance, does your product help solve problems or help your customers feel happier?

  1. Storytelling

Write product descriptions that tell a story. Using storytelling when describing your products will help customers buy from you. Everyone loves a good story!

  1. Readability

Your product descriptions need to be clear and easily readable to attract potential customers. To make your description clear, you can use short sentences, bullet points and large fonts to get them to notice the important points of your description.


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