As the flowers begin to bloom and the evenings become ever brighter, the options for turning your hobby into a successful business feel more conceivable.

You know the kind of feeling we’re talking about. That ‘tickling’ feeling of possibility your dream passion project could be something more than just a side-hustle hobby. Yeah, we’ve been there too.

Before you start loading up the Companies House website though, there are a few things you should think through…

Check yourself

Be brutally honest with yourself. Growing and bringing life to a successful business is hard work, sometimes heartbreaking, and a minefield of potential failure. The chances of becoming a sensation overnight are very slim.


The first and biggest expenditure to turn your hobby into a business is spending a decent amount of time on the not-so-fun necessities. There will be parts that make your heart sing. But things like tax, logistics, supply chains, etc. are all necessary parts of keeping the dream alive, as well as a great grounding to ensure the lights stay on and the door open. 

Dedicate small chunks of time to it everyday. Even if it’s just half an hour. It adds up. (It helps if you reaaaalllly enjoy your passion project). Consistency is key.

Website and Social

Lock down your domain and usernames for your business on social platforms right away. Even if you aren’t sure you will be using half of them, it’s best to get in there early and grab a great domain or username than end up with a dodgy compromise. 

Common Sense tip: Keep initial costs low

The old saying about needing to spend money to make money is 100% true, but the amount of money you spend on your baby business should be as low as possible and tightly controlled.

Tell your friends 

Sense check with friends, family and trusted advisers. Any one who will be honest and supportive with your endeavours. These are the people who will be your personal cheerleaders and your most trusted critics. Listen to them.

Don’t get stuck in the fluff

One final piece of advice to transform your hobby into a rewarding career, keeping one  eye on the big picture. Don’t get caught up in the details too much that you lose sight of your original objective. 

But mostly, enjoy making your passion into a successful business! Good luck!


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