Product titles can influence how customers perceive your products. So, logically this means that if you want to improve the conversion rate of your online shop, you’ll need to write great product titles.

Here are our 4 ways to master the art of writing titles that sell.

  • Your Titles Need to be Attractive

Using attractive keywords in your titles will help you grab your customers’ attention, so grab that thesaurus from the shelf and get searching. But, don’t go too mad with the expressive adjectives. No-one is looking for an ‘effervescent bottle of water’.

  • Use Descriptive Words

Your title should explain what your product can do for your customers. If your product title has little to do with what your product does, there are few chances that your customers will hit the “buy” button.

  • Avoid Using Unclear Names

You might decrease your conversion rates if your titles are too confusing for your customers. Keep in mind that your titles need to be crystal clear. Does a customer need to know the SKU (Unique ID) of the product in the title or the manufacturer’s code? If not, put it in the description.

  • Take SEO into Account when Choosing your Product Titles

It’s important to define what search terms would best describe your products and add those keywords to your titles. Google Trends and Google’s Keyword Planner are great tools that can help you and they’re free. If in doubt, put yourself in the customer’s shoes: What can your product be used for, what search terms would they use, and how can you make the product title clearer because of that.

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