Get your store set up right, and the rest will follow.


Whether your business is mainly bricks and mortar, part-time or fully online, the need for a fully responsive, easy to use digital shop is crucial to your ongoing success. But, we know from experience that the need to have your brand represented online along with appearing on all ‘The Socials’ (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram etc.) can become massively overwhelming. Especially if your eCommerce platform is not as smashingly brilliant as it could be.

Of course, the dreaded ‘admin’ (snore) is a necessary part of running any business; not just completing your tax returns but also with customer correspondence, orders, stock management, marketing, promotions…you get it. So rather than laying out a table of ticks and crosses of the various differences across eCommerce platforms, we’re going to run through what are the key factors to look out for when picking a place to set up shop and ultimately rock selling online.

1) Google isn’t just a verb:

As the most popular search engine in the world (74.5% of all searches in Jan 2018), Google has the power to get you seen, or not seen. With Search Engine Optimised URLs (and breathe) PushCommerce can help your products get in front of  eyeballs of potential customers when they need it .

In essence, keeping your URLs simple and Google compliant by default.

On top of search queries, the loading speed of your site needs to be really thought about. Platforms such as BigCommerce and Volusion have loading speeds around the 4 second mark; which may as well be an eternity in the eCommerce world.

Our customers average around 1.19s.

Hands up if you’ve given up on a slow loading page and found somewhere else that gave you what you were looking for in little to no time? Yep, we definitely have too. You’ll get a much higher retention of customers because of the quicker site loading speeds that building an eCommerce store on PushCommerce offers.

2) Keep it simple, stupid.

Look for a platform that makes your life as uncomplicated as possible. PushCommerce’s founder believes that an online store should be just as easy to use for the owner as it is for the customer. With that in mind and with free reign on some exciting new tech, he coded our drag ‘n drop functionality so you can build a shop completely tailored to your business in just a few clicks. Some have tried (hiya BluePark) but PushCommerce has nailed it. 

Even after the design stage, the ‘K.I.S.S.’ foundation keeps going on to the Admin section of the platform. With a straightforward layout, there’s no need for a dedicated forum discussion trying figure out how to do something straightforward. 

For your customer; the advanced, auto-complete search function makes their experience beautifully seamless, and eases their journey to the checkout where they can choose from flexible shipping options.

Basically, setting up a shop on PushCommerce gives your customers the power to find exactly what they want, and fast.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance” – Bruce Lee.

3) Latest Tech

The digital retail landscape is evolving at a breakneck speed, does your platform use the most up to date systems? PushCommerce utilises modern servers (with an uptime of 99.9%), the latest technology, and Google favourable coding your store will be truly 24/7 regardless of the device it’s being viewed on. Now that’s responsive.

Did we mention the shopping cart? A small but mighty feature specifically built for customer conversion, enough said? We think so.

Shopping cart

4) Helps your bottom line

So let’s get to the crux, we want to help you make money. But, that statement probably means nothing to you, as every website builder on the block is saying the same thing. Well, let’s look at some details (indulge us for a moment):

  • Unlike other eCommerce building platforms, PushCommerce includes everything all wrapped up in the monthly fee. We’re not dangling anything else in front of you for more money, or stuffing hidden charges into the fine print.


  • Store owners who’ve chosen PushCommerce have complete control over their sites and aren’t beholden to web developers when something needs tweaking. They can do it themselves, or speak to one of our friendly PushCommerce Support team members who know the software inside-out and backwards to walk them through it. WooCommerce and PrestaShop are prime examples of platforms that have people shelling out extra cash on top their monthly fees for a developer to change things for them.


  • Passionate about helping people to create good-looking spaces to sell online, our customisable templates are responsive as a standard, so PushCommerce will never ask you pay more to for your website to adapt to whatever device your customers are viewing you on.


  • PushCommerce also don’t charge transaction fees like Shopify.


To coin a phrase “a penny saved, is a penny earned” and that’s a lot of saved pennies. 

If you want people who are working to help you, saving your hard earned money and supporting you every step of the way, then PushCommerce is the way forward.

Give us a go and get started today.

Have questions? Drop one of our PushCommerce Support team members an email on or call  0330 127 6217