Oh, we love a TED talk. Micro-shots of enthusiasm and motivation that are accessible by phone, laptop or tablet anywhere with a WiFi connection. Subjects range from fashion to tech, to human biology, environmental issues and of course business.  We’ve selected 6 inspiring bite-sized lessons for you to feed your mind with on your way to work, during your mid-morning quick coffee break or to perk you up during the afternoon slump.



The Discomfort Zone

Award-winning editor and captaining the helm of rebranded Cosmopolitan Magazine, Farrah Storr is one of the most powerful people in UK media. She’s become a champion for exploring and harnessing power from stepping into brief moments of discomfort (BMD) as a key to achieving personal and professional growth. Storr perfectly articulates that swaddling ourselves away from anything less than plushy roads of ease suffocates our potential to cope when the mess really hits the fan and stifles capabilities to their fully stretched potential.


8 Secrets of Success 

A snappy and simple talk by analyst Richard St. John condenses 7 years of interviews with ‘TEDsters’ to answer the question “what really leads to success?” into a 3-minute slideshow. Funny to the point and a perfect burst of motivation when you’re on a low curve.


Your Elusive Creative Genius

Writer and author of the global best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert delivers a thoughtful and realistic talk on how the creative process works for her and for most people. She explains the history of the ‘genius’ and how it has developed into the modern age, pushing the role of the artist or ideas-maker as this mythical creature who is a steady stream of ideas and natural flow. For most creative people that is most certainly not the case. Her talk is charmingly witty and eases the pressure of guilty expectations you place upon yourself to fulfil dizzying heights of creativity 24/7.


How To Speak Up For Yourself

A comprehensive lesson on the power of speaking up and how not to take it so far that you’re alienating the people you’re asserting yourself too. Galinsky breaks down the science of power distribution and it’s relationship to the area range of how much room you have to speak up in certain situations. He also covers the tools to expand that range to ensure your voice is heard but not at the expense of putting off other people.


Embrace The Near Win

One of the finest TED talks on creativity, passion, winning, losing and everything in between. Art historian Sarah realised something important when she was studying an artist during her first job in a museum – not every painting was a masterpiece. From this epiphany, she asks the audience to consider the role of the almost-win and near-failure in our own lives. Is it actually the more frequent miss-steps that actually propels us forward when in pursuit of success, rather than the rare moments of perfect triumph? The perspective and storytelling of this talk will have you picking yourself up, dusting off the self-doubt and taking another leap towards your goals in no time.


404 Page, The Story of a Page Not Found

A delightful talk where Renny Gleeson explains that every error can be perceived as an opportunity for brands to build better relationships with their customers through a slideshow of creative and funny 404 pages.


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