Hashtags and Instagram are one of the most iconic double-acts to emerge from the digisphere in the last 5 years. You almost can’t think of one without the other.

Instagram has become the social hub for brands, models, artists and the younger generations. As a photo-sharing network, it’s a prime piece of the internet to show off your talents, looks, new products or thoughts and opinions. With every upload, users have the chance to reach millions organically by attaching keywords to their posts preceded by the hash symbol (#) to make a hashtag. The completed hashtag increases your searchability and can make you visible to those who aren’t even following you. By building hashtags into your posts, your engagement will skyrocket and so will that follower count.

A common strategy for using hashtags is mixing the most popular hashtags with ones that are a little more niche and brand-specific to what you’re posting about. To start you off, we’ve gathered some of the most popular Instagram 2018 hashtags below.

The top Instagram hashtags for a small business:

popular small business Instagram hashtags 2018

The top Instagram hashtags overall:

popular overall instagram hashtag 2018

The top Instagram hashtags for your online store:

popular instagram hashtags for online store 2018



The top Instagram hashtags for marketing:

popular marketing hashtags 2018



The top Instagram hashtags for clothing and fashion:

popular clothing and fashion instagram hashtags 2018

The top Instagram hashtags for competitions/giveaways:

popular competition hashtag 2018


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